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Career Design Lab

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Career Design Lab

We provide a “third place” for people who are currently “outside” of the organization, such as freelancers, women on maternity leave, or housewives who are wishing to return to work places, to help them connect with one another and discover their desired next step to thrive in their careers.

* Career Design Lab is a service for individuals (B-C)


■ What is Career Design Lab?

Career Design Lab provides a “third place” for the people who are currently outside of the company or organization, such as those who are on maternity leave, housewives who are aiming for reemployment, or freelancers/individual business owners.

Through seminars, workshops or group-type career coaching programs, we provide opportunities for them to look back at their careers to discover the desired next step of their careers while forming online/offline communities with the people who are facing similar life transitions



■ For Whom?

  • Women or business persons on maternity leave or childcare leave who are worried about how to manage child rearing and work after returning to work place.
  • Housewives who are wishing to return back to job yet struggling to find out what to start with after years of blank period
  • Freelancers or independent business owners who want to clarify their unique selling points or strengths to thrive in their new business.


■ Key contents

Career Design Lab will be offered in both online or offline settings. The program will be offered in one-off seminar/workshop style or 2-3 months long group coaching program style.

  • One-off seminars/workshops
    We provide fun workshops and seminars to help participants to deepen their self-understanding and vocational goals. The workshops or seminars will be hosted by professional career consultants who can introduce tips and insights based on practical career theories. The workshops and seminars are recommended for those who aim to return to work after a blank period or those who wish to deepen their self-understanding.
  • Group style career coaching program
    Our group style programs focus on particular career agenda, such as clarifying career plans after maternity leave or self-branding for freelancers. Each program consists of 3-4 sessions to help participants to learn the topics in depth while forming deeper connections with the people who are facing similar career transitions.



■ Key benefits

  1. Be a part of career-community outside of work/home
    Career Design Lab offers a place to meet with fellows who are facing similar career issues and provides opportunities to get new insights and ideas through peer-exercises.
  2. Acquire new knowledge to overcome career transitions
    Career transitions occur throughout life. In the workshops, we will  introduce a mini-lecture on practical career theory that can be readily applied in daily lives. The theories will help participants to gain  a bird’s-eye view of their career which will help them to overcome “transitions” throughout their career journeys. 
  3. Affordable pricing and easy access
    The program will be available online and in local community cafes and co-working spaces. The cost is also within an affordable price range compared to regular coaching and career counseling.

■ How to attend?

The upcoming event information will be posted on Peatix site (Only in Japanese at this moment). Please follow our account and get updated on our upcoming events.



Career Development Workshop

We provide tailored workshops on career development and team building for venture companies and small and medium-sized enterprises.

* Available at a trial price. Full-scale provision will begin in January 2022.


■ Features

  • Inspiring lecture that introduces new
    perspectives based on a career development theory and organizational psychology
  • Fun and interactive exercises with gaming tools such as “Career Trump®,” card game-style career development support
  • Assisting participants in formulating action plans that catalyze behavior changes
  • Small workshops that can easily be introduced at small businesses and venture companies


■ Key Workshop Modules

  • Career Design Workshop

Career Design Workshop is designed to help employees to plan their career paths by reviewing their personal characteristics, values, abilities, and life stages. Participants will learn a practical theory of career development and assess their past, present, and future careers. Our interactive game-style exercises will facilitate dialogues with one another, helping them develop tangible action plans for optimizing their careers in environment.

  • Introduction to 1on1

Primarily designed for middle management, Introduction 1on1 will impart effective 1on1 methods. Participants will first perform self-assessment, then will be introduced to listening methods such as social style-based coaching and will discover their own way of people management.

  • Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Workshop

This workshop helps participants to recognize and respect diverse attributes, values, working styles, and personalities, and to get tips to make the most of the differences within an organization or a team. Participants will become more aware of their unconscious bias, and engage more in dialogues among the team. With greater understanding on each member’s value differences, participants will develop action plans to build new collaborative relationships.


■ Expected Outcomes

  • Improved in-house relationships by promoting understanding of self and others
  • Strengthened internal communication
  • Increased employees’ dedication to the company through career development
  • Improved literacy for diversity and inclusion
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