Engaging communication
for a better


What are important management questions awaiting to be answered?

  • How can we increase our brand recognition among right talent pools to bolster our recruiting efforts?
  • How can we recruit individuals that fit our team culture and minimize staff turnover?
  • Looking for affordable workshops for a small organization.
  • How can we strengthen employee engagement while meeting their desire for career advancement?
  • How can we maintain active internal communication when staff work from home?

We integrate diverse methods – public relations, career-consulting

and organizational development and coaching –

to build an organization that creates a vibrant working community

Service Plans


Recruiting Communication

We provide strategic planning and implementation support for venture companies and small and medium-sized enterprises seeking to strengthen their attempts to improve communication for successful mid-career recruitment.


Onboarding Café

Onboarding Café is a package program designed to support new employees or returning employees with specific career needs.
The program combines group-style coaching sessions and follow up 1on1 mentoring sessions which are provided throughout onboarding period..

Available at a trial price. 

Career Design Lab

We provide a third place community for people who are currently “outside” of the organization to help them discover their desired next step to thrive in their careers.

* Career Design Lab is a service for individuals (B-C).
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