Thank you for finding and having interest in us
among a wide range of communications enterprises.


At I’m in we provide unique communications enhancement services
to fulfill our mission “giving life to the stories that matter.”
We are dedicated to strengthening relationships among individuals,
organizations and communities. We combine diverse methods such as
public relations, career consultancy, organizational development
and coaching to accomplish our goal.


In this time of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA),
our workstyles and lifestyles diversify every day as business models and
organizational structures also shift rapidly.


There is more than one answer to a question.
In order to take the right step forward for yourself and your organization,
you and your leader will have to possess a firm basis
for decision-making and make calls based on that
to define the best way forward.


If your organization finds itself in the midst of transformation,
we want to be your guide and aid in setting up pillars,
developing vision, mission and values statements and
building relationships to help you advance your goals.


It would make us extremely happy if you could address and
deliberate on issues that “are important but often get put off,”
find answers to and deliver them in your own words
– essentially achieving what you envision.


We hope that your voices, no matter how varied – based on
different ways of living and working — resonate with each other,
your organization and your community.


If you hope this as well and strive to build an organization,
a workplace, a team and a community,
please let us join your journey.

Rutsuko Tanaka

Founder and CEO
I’m in

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