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Empowering organizations worth
working for

Corporate Overview

  • Address

6F Minami Otsuka T&T Bldg. 3-36-7 Minami Otsuka
Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0005 Japan

  • Phone  03-4400-7282
  • Email    info<at>im-in.work
  • Founded April, 2021


Creating a vibrant society with a wealth of diverse talents.



Giving life to the stories that matter.


We provide recruitment communication, career development and community building services to help people and organizations to meet and grow together; thereby creating a society where everyone can play an active role.



Our attitudes and commitment towards clients and members



For clients: Seek excellence and exceed expectations by taking on new challenges together with the clients to realize their goals.
For one another:
Keep learning from one another to improve skills, qualities and abilities so that we can get a step closer to where we want to be.



For clients: Listen intently and draw out the clients’ desires, hopes and struggles. Be a professional who can give life to what really matters to them.
For one another: Trust one another. In the difficult times, we will overcome together by embracing our differences and empowering our unique gifts.



For clients: As much as possible, visualize the results of our services and strive to create the desired impact.
For one another: Provide constructive feedback and accept each other’s evaluations with humble hearts.



For clients: Take pride in our services and serve with a smile. Be a professional who is ready to provide added-value of positivity and energy.
For one another: Always enjoy life and work. Realize a career where work and life are optimally integrated.

What Our Logo Stands for

We designed our logo based on the symbol of infinity.

The symbol represents perpetuity and unlimited possibility.


We integrated in our logo the idea that capitalizing on synergies

between an organization and people creates infinite possibilities.


The arrow in the logo represents a person’s will;

it signifies an individual’s determination and commitment

to improve oneself and the company.

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